Hello all!! I haven't write you for long time!!!
It's rainy season in California! So stay home and take care of Osucchi and Mesucchi. I have Genjincchi and Mothracchi, too. I like Osucchi and Mesucchi is the best!
Genjincchi is ALWAYS hungry or want to play! I don't know how to make them Genjincchi! Because I got always SARUcchi and DOGU~cchi??!!
Mothracchi is also hard to be Mothracchi! Mine is ALWAYS PI~NATSUCCHI??!! (look like a peanuts!)
My Mesucchi is 4th generation. She looks like KURITEN , TMP 4!! My Osucchi is also 4th generation , he look like a TOOTH!!! I don't have "BOSHITECHO~ book" , yet. So I don't know how to call them!
Well anyway I still enjoy Tamagotchi! Oh, I just got Tamagotchi-Angel last week! (US Tenshicchi) It is almost same as Japanese Tenshicchi but I found YELLOW color (pearl yellow)! I will let you know if I get different KAKURE-KYARA!
I'll write you again! Take care!
I just came back from Japan! Of course I got GENJINCCHI, MOSURACCHI and OSU/MSUCCHI!!! I can't believe I found so many OSU/MESUCCHI everywhere in YOKOHAMA. I thought It's going to be hard to find!
Well,,, I got white ones. (orange and green). But I'm having a hard time to breed them! I got SAMURAICCHI(???) he drinks SAKE and eats MOSURACCHI's food but died at 8 years old.............
Right now, my OSU/MESUCCHI look like KUCHIPACCHI. How about yours????
It's been a month since I wrote DIARY. Yes, I Want to Japan last month and I had a wonderful time! I spoke to a Tamagotchi Fan who met in this HP! She is very nice.(Hello! Chiharu san!)
Well I had unforgettable exprience GUSS WHAT?? My cousin got LUCKY UNCHI-kun!!! when I was there! So I got to see LUCKY UNCHI-kun! He get mad, eat, sleep and UNCHI....etc.... What happen was, my cousin had OBAKECCHI 2 for 5 days. Usually OBAKECCH 2 is only few hours and sleep then MARUTEN nexday, isn't it?
Her OBAKECCHI 2 was still OBAKECCHI 2 after 5 days. Then ,,, then,,, became LUCKY UNCHI kun!!! She is working every day. So she doesn't have a time to take care UNCHI kun. She put UNCHI kun to TOMIN but..... last week UNCHI kun went back to heven...{;_;} It was short time. Only 10 days KAKURE KIYARA>>>
Well I will talk to you soon! By the way my Tenshicchi became DEVILCCHI.........
Yahoo~~~~~!!! It's getting closer! You know what?! Yes, I am going to go to Japan! I am so excited! Of course I will bring my Tamagotchis for this trip {^_^}
I have little news about Tenshicchi! Well I got TAKOTEN after that became OYAJITEN!!! They are kind of strange looks but it's all right. OYAJITEN go to sleep 11:00pm! It's been a long tine since I got MASKCCHI. I couldn't wait until OYAJITEN go to sleep last night. ( sorry but I sleep at 10:30pm!)
Anyway I can't wait to see what's going on in Japan! I will bring a lot of warm cloths ( I heard it's been cold) and going out to Tokyo!
It's already October now! It's time for Halloween! If you never know about Halloween, or you never been to USA, you should visit around this time! It's very fun and cool!!
My Tenshicchi became GIJIROTEN last week! He is very very cute! Today he is 5days and TP 10! Oh, you think TP is too low?? Don't worry! He did OINORI yesterday but I couldn't see that! ( I saw UNCHI-kun! ) Just like GINJIROCCHI, he is dancing all day long. Acutually he went out (ODEKAKE) today and yesterday.
My Shinsyu hakken became HASHIZOCCHI! Is he bird? But he got tail! He is 7 years old and 68g....I guess needs little diet! That's all for now! You guys have great week!
OK~! I wake up TENSHICCHI this morning! 11 days TP 66! I am trying to have OTONOTEN and LUCKY UNCHI-kun! Have anybody get them yet?? My cute little POCHICCHI is alos 11days old 50lbs! He just like GINJIROCCHI!
Why? Because he is dancing all day long! When he turn around, you can see the tail, too! CUUUTEEEEE!!
Opus,,,!!! Don't forget NYACCHI! He is 12 years old 59g! Acutually look like GINJIROCCHI, too!
I know it's been a year since TAMAGOTCHI came to this world! I can't believe they are so populor and famous in the world! Thank you Tamagotchi and WE LOVE YOU! (or Thanks to BANDAI???)
Good evening! It's almost the end of the September! Here in California, youcan see Christmas stuff already!
Well let's talk about my Tamagotchi. My NYACCHI is 9 years old 57g and US shinsyuhakken became POCHICCHI yesterday! Actually I am playing Them only I have day-off or slow day. I put them TOMIN so long so I had to change the battery today! It was very easy then I thought.
My tenshicchi is TOMIN also. I am going to visit to JAPAN next month. I don't know should I bring Tamagotchis or not.
What do you think???
How are you doing everyone~??
Guess what? My Shinsyu hakken tama became NYACCHI yesterday! It was TONGARICCHI until 6yrs old then at 7yrs old around 8:00pm become NYACCHI! I was kind of suprised because Kakure Kyara suporsed to change from MASKCCHI and ZUKICCHI??? I guess not! And my Tenshicchi became FUTAGO TENSHI again! Is there anybody become another Kakure Kyara? Please let me Know! By the way my cousin in Japan ( her name is AYAKO ) , her FUTAGO TENSHI is 28 days!!! Can you believe that? She told me that she doesn't have a time to do anything because FUTAGO TENSHI do "Oinori" "Toilet" "food" etc...etc... every 5mins. She said " This is hearder then Tamagotchi! I'm so~~ busy! " What do you say?
Hi! I didn't have a chance to write sooooo long time. How are you guys been???
Last week my CHRICCHI became OBAKECCHI..... She was 28 years old. It's still my record. My FUTAGO TEN went back to TENSHI no MIYAKO last week, too....{T_T} It was 15 days. Well I don't want to be sad like that so I started new BABYCCHI! Oh! I forgot to tell you my TAMA-1 became KICHIPACCHI yesterday! This is my first time KUCHIPACCHI! He is very....slow. Especially he can't win GOKIGEN UP
GAME very often.... why???
Shinsyu hakken and US shinsyu hakken are both became Tongaricchi ( 4yrs old) and Tenshicchi is KURITEN ( 5days ) ! KRITEN is very CUTE! He can use OMARU when he pupu.. He pray ( oinori ) for me 2 times yesterday!

Have a great weekend my friends!
Hello! All!
I am sorry I haven't write you for while!
My CHARICCHI will be 27 years old tomorrow! Today, I will not be able to take care so she still TO~MIN.....{T_T}
My TENSHICCHI became FUTAGO TENSHI yesterday! 7-days, TP=68 and I saw OINORI only 2times so far.
Also I start take care of US-Shinsyu Hakken! ( clear pink with yellow logo ) They got diffrent egg to start! It's Black & White Check egg!! Not only the egg! They eat HAMBERG! ( food=gohan) I think that's BIG MAC?!???
See you soon~!!!!
Good evening all~!
I feel very bad about my CHRICCHI because I haven't take care of them sincesunday! I will be day-off tomorrow so I will wake her up! ( still 24 yearsold...)
Oh by the way I got TENSHICCI by mail ( from Japan ofcourse! ) yesterday! (pearl white one! ) Shi is 2 days old and TP 14! She is super cute! I think I don't know how can I find out when TENSHICCHI pray for you! I really don'tknow! How many time Tenshicchi pray for you???
How are you doing everyone~??!!
Finally I got day-off today so I let CHARICCHI back from TO~MIN time! 24years old CHRICCHI is always hangry and unhappy {T_T} But no probrem when I'm staing home! I may have to let her TO~MIN next week because I'm working and there is no way I can take care of Tamagotchi!
How about you guys??? How can you play with Tamagotchi when you are working?
Hi all~!!!
Do you know how hard it is to play and feed every 30 mins?? My CHARICCHI is going to 22 years old today so it is going to be harder thanyesterday! She will be "BEEP" very often! I don't know how I can take careof my CHARICCHI today~~!!! (Because I am working with customer...) Should I let my CHARICCHI in "TO~MIN??" I don't really want to do that....
Please help~!
Hello~ everyone! Today is my CHARICCHI's "Seijin no hi" in Japan??! She seems like still like bicycle more than car?
She is 20years old and 47g! Acutually this is my first time 20years old Tamagotchi since I start play with them! ( oldest one was mimicchi 19 yearsold...)
And... my Tamagotcchi 1 is MASKCCHI, 8 years 64g.... well I guess he need little DIET?! I hope he will be OYAJICCHI pretty soon~~~!!!
Hi everyone! My CHARICCHI is 18yrs old today! ( forgot to tell you the coloris milky-white ) She is doing very well! I also taking care of Blue ( withyellow number one ) Tamagotchi which given by my cousin in Japan! I justwant to see OYAJICCHI!
By the way my cousin called me at 1:00am ( I was sleeping~~~ofcourse {T-T}...... 5:00pm in Japan) and told me that she got TENSHICCHI no Tamagotchi today! I heard so many people were waiting on the line from 12am! 3am! etc......WOW!!
I can't wait to get mine~~~!!! ( she will send me one ^_^ ) And I can't wait to read TENCHICCHI IKUJI NIKKI from all of you!!!!!
Hello~! My CHARICCHI is 15 years old today! I'm very busy at work so I wear Tamagotchi as neckrace! Everytime kids sees my Tamagotchi neckrace, they ask me how old is them, where I got from and how to take care....etc..... Acutually mine is Japanese Shinsyu Hakken one so they love to see the diffrence between US one and Japanese one!